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Our values

Our motto COUNTRY WAY OF LIFE contains our values, our way of living life, in the SIMPLICITY and SINCERITY that only peasant life can offer

What you experience at Agriturismo Attulaio is a kind of sensory journey: the right place if you want to go back to touch the earth, to smell the flowers of a meadow, to taste freshly picked organic vegetables or delicious natural jams.

You will find yourself spreading your view over the Mugello landscape, over the chestnut woods, or over the verdant olive trees. Maybe listening to the song of birds or cicadas, or letting yourself be lulled by the rustle of the wind. On summer nights, the countryside will only light up with the flashing of a thousand fireflies and the brightness of the starry sky.

We believe in the HOSPITALITY and FRIENDLYNESS of the past. In the GENUINITY of people and things … in SIMPLICITY.

We recommend that you choose us if you are looking for HARMONY, if you need to find true contact with NATURE.

If you need to regain possession of your TIME, if you need to dedicate days to the mind, here you will find what you need.

Our values ​​are what represent us and what we believe in.